Learning Shapes

Playing is a fun way to learn anything, and learning shapes is no exception. We recently played with our Mega Magz, 130-Piece Magnetic Construction Set - 66 bars and 64 balls while talking about different shapes for math. We built and talked about two dimensional shapes such as equilateral triangles, isosceles triangles, squares, rhombus and hexagons. We quickly moved onto three dimensional shapes such as cubes and pyramids.

She built a hexagonal cube.

Then my older daughter couldn't resist the magnetic builders and they made "spinnys". First they built large equilateral pyramids with a handle to spin them.

Then they built pentagonal cubes, hexagonal cubes and several more. This magnetic building set is a toy which has entertained all my children at several different phases throughout their development.

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  1. Looks like fun! Thanks for posting on Math Monday Blog Hop!


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