Lacy Pink Kid Sweater - Knitting

This is the fourth sweater I made from Little Sweet Peas. I love the lacey designs for girls and the cable knit designs for boys. Although this is the fourth sweater I made from this book, it’s only the third design. This is the second time I made this sweater. The directions called for six balls of yarn which was exactly what I had and exactly what I used. I have never come so close to running out of yarn, but having enough to complete the project.

The finished sweater fit beautifully, but there was one thing I found quite awkward with the design. The front portion where the buttons and button holes are placed was cast on at the beginning, but knitted at the end. The five or so stitches on each side were placed on stitch holders while the front and back were knitted. The long strip then required a seam all the way up on both sides of the sweater to attach it. I had forgotten about this, but if I was going to create this sweater for the third time I would definitely knit these stitches in place while I was knitting the front and back.

So she really does like the sweater despite the look she gave me for the photo. I finished it up during Day 211 of her Leukemia treatment and snapped the picture after the doctor called us back to the hospital for additional medicine. Knitting really helps me pass the time and gets my mind off Leukemia during her chemotherapy.

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  1. ((hug)) the sweater looks great.

  2. The sweater (we'd call it a cardigan in OZ/NZ) is gorgeous. I haven't got much past scarves ... lol Hope little one is feeling better today :)


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