Ancient Greek History Co-op - Week 13 - Food

Week 13: We made a Greek Salad.

The Spartan diet was interesting. Food was not plentiful and boys were not only forced to steel food, but rewarded when they were successful. ..... They ate fox and other animals, but one dish that sticks in our mind from our reading was pig blood mixed with vinegar.

We decided to cook food of the Athenians. They loved feta cheese, olives, fish, wine and oranges among other things. So we made a Greek Salad. It was fun, tasty and easy. But we made a mistake. There were no corn, potatoes or tomatoes in ancient Greece. Those things came from the Americas. Our modern Greek salad was easy to make. Just mix -----

black olives
green olives
1 pepper
red onion
feta cheese
olive oil

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