Ancient Greece History Co-op - Week 7 - Olympics

Week 8 - We made Olympic Champion Crowns.

The Olympics Games were started by the Ancient Greeks almost 3000 years ago. They were held every four years in the city of Olympia Greece. The site was filled with athletic facilities such as a gymnasium, race track, hotels, monuments and baths. It was only used during Olympic years. To learn more about the Olympics we discussed our trip to Olympia, Greece and watched this video.

Then we made Olympic victory crowns from vines.

This Olympic crown was actually made by my daughter several years ago. She used short vines to tie longer vines together around her head.

 With Jemma's Leukemia she isn't allowed to touch leaves, plants, or any other outdoor natural items as they could contain mold or fungus that can be very dangerous to her weak immune systems. Therefore, we used decorative fall leaf vines to make our Olympic crowns.

 This was a very simple project as we just taped the vines into a circle to fit the head and were done.

In conjunction with studying the Olympics we read the picture book Run With Me, Nike!by Cassandra Case. This short book was very easy for my 6th and 4th graders to read on their own. It is ideal for 2nd-3rd grade. Even so, the kids enjoyed it and learned a little more about the Olympics.

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  1. It looks like a wonderful time was had creating crowns! What a great way to explore the past. I will be sharing this post on the Read.Explore.Learn. Facebook page and Pinterest board.


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