Hand-Made Shoes

My children have had a long lasting fascination with constructing their own shoes. They have used combinations of cardboard, yarn, tape, staples (not encouraged) and other materials. It's amazing what kids will come up with when given time to explore. Here are two of my favorite pairs.

My five year old cut circles from fleece and then sewed around the edges leaving an opening in the back for her foot. She wears them as slippers.

My ten year old daughter constructed these dance shoes. The bottoms are a pair of recycled dance shoes she sewed onto the felt that makes the body. The beads function as buttons to hold the shoes closed in conjunction with the ribbons and safety pin. The fringe, heart and red zig-zag are added features to "fancy-up" these cute shoes. She actually danced in these shoes several times.

Have your children made any clothing items?

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