Crocheted Bookmark

This is the story of my daughter making a bookmark and the kindness of strangers. While on vacation in Turkey, we took a bus trip to visit the ancient city of Ephesus. Since we have an odd number of people in our family my 10 year old daughter had to sit with a stranger. She ended up seated next to an American lady who was crocheting bookmarks. After my daughter watched her make two of them the lady offered my daughter a chance to try. I think she realized she was sitting next to a little girl who had a few crafty bones in her body. Anyway, she helped my daughter make the one in the middle and then she gave her all three of them. What a sweet lady!

Here is the pattern according to my daughter.
chain 5, shell stitch 7, 2 more shells, chain 2, repeat until there are 7 holes in the middle - thread a ribbon through the holes, cut-off and weave in the ends

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  1. Oh what a sweet story! How nice that your daughter ended up next to such a nice person. Love it when things like that happen. Thanks so much for linking up at Real Family Fun.


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