Ancient Greece History Co-op - Week 2 - Minoans

Week 2: We made plaster frescos.

Crete is a large Greek island which was inhabited by the Minoans from around 2700 bc until 1450 bc. The home of the Minotaur and the ancient sport of bull jumping are explained well in this youtube video.

After discussing how Sir Arthur Evans discovered the Palace of Knossos and a bit about the palace the kids made their own frescos.

Minoan Bull Leaping Toreador Fresco Art
First they looked at some frescoes from the Palace of Knossos and chose the ones they liked the best to try to recreate.
 Next a thin layer of plaster was spread into an old yogurt lid.

Red, blue and yellow paint was mixed into some plaster.

The colored plaster was mixed in with the wet plaster to create the frescoes. Plaster dries quickly so the kids had to work fast.

 Here is a finished blue monkey fresco.

From left to right, top to bottom: Dolphins, Minotaur, Blue Monkey, Dolphin, Fish

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  1. I love the legend of the minotaur.

  2. Love this idea will use it when we get to this area of study:)

  3. Awesome! Funny as we're just getting to Crete! LOL


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