China History Co-op - Writing Assignments

A writing assignment was given most weeks of the China History Co-op. The children presented their work the week following the assignment.

Here are the assignments:

1.  Write a diary as if you are Ping (from the book The Story about Ping). The diary could be before, during or after his experience alone for the night. Remember his thoughts and feelings are very important in a diary.
2.  Make your own personal timeline. You could include births of grandparents, parents, siblings and other important events in your history such as; day you moved to a new house, day you started swim lessons, or the day you first cooked an egg by yourself.
3. Xia Dynasty - Write instructions for constructing a clay pot from finding the clay to using or selling the pot. 
4. Shang Dynasty - Write a fictional story which includes the six elements we discussed from the Shang Dynasty (wood writing, chariots, silk, oracle bones, tortoise shell writing, bronze, jade and ivory carvings) and any other inventions or events from the Shang dynasty you would like.
5. Zhou - Using the internet, translate your first or middle name into Chinese and write your own wise saying (a Confucius saying). 
6. Qin - If you were the Emperor of China write about how you would run your country. 
7. Han - The Silk Route: Pretend you are an artist who created a silk painting. Your painting will travel down the silk road and be traded for goods. Write the story of your painting.
8. 3 Kingdoms - Create a Venn diagram to show what the three belief systems of China have in common; Buddism, Confuciusism, and Daoism

9. Tang - Write a Haiku to share next week.
10. Song - Write about your four treasures.

To read more about our homeschool history co-op activities click on Homeschool History under Homeschooling Topics on the right-hand side of the blog, or one of the cultures below.

Ancient China 


  1. These are really excellent writing assignments! I have pinned it! Thanks for linking up.

  2. These would be great to use when we revisit China next year. Thanks for the great ideas!


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