Rotting Apples

We were inspired by the rotting apples post on the Science Sparks blog and decided to try our own experiment. Our results came out slightly different.

The experiment was to take four slices of apple, place them in four different conditions and then observe the decomposition. We placed our apples in salt water, vinegar, lemon juice and open air just as was done by Science Sparks.

The apple that was left in open air was covered in mold and definitely showed the most decomposition. We live in Germany and it is usually very humid here. Perhaps that is the reason our results were different.

Then we repeated the experiment a second week, but used different liquids as preservatives. The apples were placed in corn syrup, apple juice, oil and plain water. The apple in the apple juice was the only one to develop mold. The kids also noted the smell of fermentation. Although they thought it smelled like beer.

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  1. NOw this looks like a fun experiment, going to try this with my kids sometime this summer:)

  2. What a fun experiment! Thanks for sharing with BTT!

  3. Oh man, my kids would LOVE this! Of course I've discovered enough accidentally growing things that I don't love this idea :)

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

  4. What a great experiment! How was the odor of this particular experiment? And you did it twice! You are a great mom, you know that right?

    Darci the STEM Mom

    1. I featured this post as a winner of the STEM-themed linky party! I hope you'll continue to link up! I love your activities!

    2. The smell wasn't bad at all....... a little like wine. Thanks for featuring Highhill Education.

  5. Wonderful experiment for kids to learn. Explore more such crafts and learning activities in


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