China History Co-op. Week 5 - Zhou Dynasty

Week 5: We made Confucius gardens.

Multiplication tables were invented during the Zhou Dynasty. Land distribution and rice tax requirements for the emperor was the first known application for multiplication. For example, if the emperor had 4 sections of land, and each produced 6 units of rice, and the emperor received 1/2 of the rice from each section........... he should get 4 sections x 6 units x 1/2 = 12 units of rice.

Confucius' new way of thinking had a great impact on China. His beliefs became well respected in China and today many popular sayings are attributed to Confucius. In addition to Confucius, Buddha and Lao Zi (the father of Daoism) influenced the way people thought in China. Many of the great thinkers from the past discussed their ideas with friends and followers. Most of their discussions took place in gardens under trees, which is why the kids each made their own Confucius garden.

First pie pans were filled with dirt.

Rocks, craft sticks and other wooden pieces were available to create paths, fences, benches and other decoration.

Small flowers and dandelions were added to the gardens.

Then grass seed was sprinkled in the empty spaces.

Confucius: The Golden Rule by Russell Freedman went well with this lesson, but was quite a challenge for my eight year old.


  1. What wonderful gardens! I love this extension activity!

    Thank you for sharing it on Read.Explore.Learn.

  2. thank you for sharing with us at tip toe thru tuesday, I love this activity!


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