Magna Tiles

Magna Tiles are an excellent investment. Although this magnetic building set is quite expensive it has been a favorite toy for four years and counting. The translucent shapes contain magnets around the edges and easily snap together for quick and easy construction.

Magna Tiles can help children calculate and understand the concept of surface area. They also provide good preparation for engineering careers.

Before I began homeschooling my children I worked as a mechanical engineer. Playing with this toy has direct application to an engineering career. Many parts used in industry are constructed from sheet metal. The parts are commonly drawn as flat patterns with instructions on where to fold them to create the finished 3-dimensional form. This can be easily explained with Magna Tiles.

Here is a flat pattern for a cube, and the 3-dimensional form.

All three of these flat patterns fold into the same 3-dimensional form shown below.

Since we live in Germany we tried to build a castle with our Magna Tiles.
I think it looks more like a church.

Please note this toy is sold in 32 piece and 100 piece sets. We have the 100 piece set.

Here are some more ideas for Educational Christmas Gifts.

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  1. We absolutely love our Magna Tiles (at least in US they are spelled Magna, not Megna). One of the best toy investments we made. Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

    1. You have found one of my weaknesses. I am a terrible speller. Thank you for letting me know. Hopefully I got them all changed.

  2. love those and have been eying them for a year but too expensive to get them from USA , any idea where we can find them in Europe .

    1. I've never seen them here. Ours came from the US. Sorry.

  3. Neat creations. The kids have these at preschool and seem to really enjoy them. Thanks for sharing at AfterSchool!

  4. These have been on my "want to buy" list for ages! Maybe I'll manage to get a set for the kids for Christmas this year.

    Thanks for sharing with the Afterschool Blog Hop!

  5. We have friends who have a set of Magna girls love to play with them!
    Thanks for sharing with Favorite Resources :)

  6. We have MagnaTiles and I have to agree that these are the one toy my kids come back to over and over and over again. Totally worth the price paid for the amount of use we have gotten out of them!

  7. My kindergarten kids love our magna tiles. I am amazed at their constructions. An expensive toy -- but will worth the investment.

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