China History Co-op. Week 1: Rice Maps

Week 1: We made maps of China out of rice and vegetables.

The Ancient Chinese had a story about Pangu and the creation of the earth. After listening to this story we sang a geography song I made up. I was thinking Hot Crossed Buns when I wrote it, but my musical abilities are a little off. Here are the lyrics. Repeat each line twice.

Y is for Yellow River
Y is for Yangtz
They run through China
West to East

G is for Grand Canal
Built by man
It connects the two rivers
To make trade easier

G is for Gobi
The Mongols lived there
It is a great big desert
North of China

G is for Great Wall
Built by man
It kept the Mongols out of China
Twenty-two thousand years ago

H is for Himayals
Very high mountains
They form the western border of China
Himalayas are so high

From there we read The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese and then proceeded into our map making project.
Sticky rice, nori (seaweed), noodles and some vegetables were used to create edible maps of China.

The kids each began with a blank map. We helped them to label the geography elements in the song; Yellow River, Yantze River, Grand Canal, Great Wall, Gobi Dessert and Himalayas. We also pointed out eight cities which were the head of China at different points in history.

Then they placed wax paper over their maps.

The kids added rice and vegetables to form their maps. Each child chose different veges to use for their geography elements.

Can you see it? He chose blue noodles for the ocean, a stick of celery for the grand canal, celery slices for the Himalayas, noodles for the Yangze and Yellow Rivers, a carrot peeling for the Great Wall, carrot slices for the Gobi Dessert and flags made from toothpicks and seaweed to mark the cities.

After they were finished the kids gobbled up their healthy maps.

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  1. What a great idea it is to use food to make edible maps!

  2. You do some of the coolest projects! That is such a great idea. Might have to steal that one.:-)

  3. My girls LOVED Ping back in our FIAR days. I love the edible maps. They are so neat! I've always wanted to make one with my girls.

    Thanks for linking up to RAT!

  4. Edible maps, the ultimate hands-on experience. Great ideas. Looks like the kiddos enjoyed it.

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    Thank you for linking to Tuesdday Tots this week

  13. Great idea! Thanks for linking up on Artsy Play Wednesday!

  14. Now I'm hungry after reading this. This actually works for two different areas I'm highlighting.


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