Scythian History Co-op. Week 5: Weapons and Armor

Week 5: We made Scythian armor.

The Scythians were fierce people who fought enemies on horseback. They were so connected to their horses that they are thought to be the inspiration for the Centaur. Although their favorite weapon was a bow and arrow, they also carried axes and lances. Their arrows were dipped in poison to ensure major damage when injected into an enemy, and warriors were paid upon bringing back the heads of their enemies.

Although Scythian armor was constructed from iron, the kids used felt.

They started with old t-shirts and then stitched the metal (felt) plates in place.

Here are the kids pretending to shoot their bows and arrows while wearing their newly constructed armor.

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  1. Oh, Jonas would have loved that!! Sounds like fun, and I love the picture of all the different colored armor.:-)

  2. What a great idea! I love making history come alive! Thank you for linking up with "Look What We Did!"

  3. What fun! I love history lessons like this! Great idea. Coming over to visit from Red Oak Lane. :-)

  4. Very creative and getting the kids to stitch them on was a great idea. I am always looking for ways to get my children to sew:) Loved how they turned out

  5. Very creative and a great way to teach your children the skills of sewing as well, so glad you shared at tip toe thru tuesday!


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