History Co-op Writing Assignments - Scythians

History has come alive in our house through hands-on activities. Studying one culture at a time has created a good understanding in the different ways ancient people lived.
Ancient China 

Writing has played a large role in each culture we have studied. Typically one assignment was given per week and the children presented their work the week following the assignment.

Here are the writing topics from the Scythian history co-op.

1. Write one paragraph describing the Scythians from the perspective of someone who lived outside of the Scythian culture, and one paragraph describing someone who lived outside of the Scythian culture from the perspective of a Scythian. – The Scythians did not leave a written record and therefore the only written information we have about them today is from other cultures.

2. Write a weather report for the Scythians.

3. Tamgas were brand marks that Scythians used to identify their possessions. They helped mark individuality in these pastoral societies that shared grazing ranges. They are helpful to historians for reconstructing clan movements throughout the steppe when no written records have survived. Besides identifying property, tamgas marked participation of members of the clan in all sorts of activities such as treaties, religious ceremonies and public functions. Eventually some symbols were even used in minting coins.

Think of a tamga as a personal symbol, icon or trademark symbol (like a personal signature or logo). Create a personal tamga design and a short paragraph explaining its significance.

4. Pretend you are a Scythian metal worker and write about what is for sale in your shop. (an advertisement)

5. Work with your siblings to create a Scythian play.

To read more about our hands-on history activities please visit our History Page.

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