Twin Books - Lucy Fitch Perkins

We recently discovered this wonderful series of geographical-cultural and history books written by Lucy Fitch Perkins. They were written for school children in the early 1900's. Each book follows a set of twins through adventures in their daily lives. Many of them are free at The Baldwin Project and can be downloaded to a Kindle.

Geographical Series
The Eskimo Twins - Grade 2
The Dutch Twins - Grade 3
The Japanese Twins - Grade 4
The Swiss Twins - Grade 4
The Filipino Twins - Grade 5
The Irish Twins - Grade 5
The Italian Twins - Grade 5
The Mexican Twins - Grade 5
The Scotch Twins - Grade 6
The Belgian Twins - Grade 7
The French Twins - Grade 7

Historical Series
The Cave Twins - Grade 4
The Spartan Twins - Grade 5
The Colonial Twins of Virginia - Grade 6
The American Twins of 1812 - Grade 6
The Pioneer Twins - Grade 6
The American Twins of the Revolution - Grade 7
The Puritan Twins - Grade 7

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