Viking History Co-op. Week 7: Mythology

Week 7: We made Tree of Life Pendants.

Yggdrasil, was the Norse name of a giant ash tree connecting all worlds. An eagle lived at the top and guarded the tree. A destructive dragon lived beneath it's roots in Niflheim. The tree gave life to the people of Midgard and was the home of many creatures.

Since Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, was so central to Viking mythology, we created tree of life pendants.

Following the Tree of Life Pendants instructions, the kids slipped beads onto wires and wrapped them around the hoop constructed from thicker wire into the shape of a tree.

D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Mythology describes each of the Viking gods and important aspects of Norse Mythology in a story format. It is great for kids, but I wouldn't recommend it for young children.

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  1. oh I absolutely love this pendant! I'll have to try this with my kids too! Thanks for sharing it with us at tip toe thru tuesday! Hope you'll stop by and link up tomorrow too, we will be having a nice Mother's Day giveaway!


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