Celtic history co-op. Week 6: Runes

Week 6: We made runes.

The Celts had a rich tradition of oral storytelling. The history of their land and people was preserved from generation to generation through druids who were expert story tellers. Once the Celts came into contact with other cultures a system of runic writing developed. There were several different runic alphabets used by northern European people.

We got the chance to make our own runes using air dry clay, toothpicks and other dough type tools.

A sample alphabet was printed so the kids had something to decode.

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  1. I LOVE this! It's such a great hands-on lesson and way to connect to other cultures! Thanks for sharing at Teach Me Tuesday--I pinned it too!

  2. Love it!! I've wanted to do this to with my daughter.
    Have a great week !!
    Wendy Vandenbrande

  3. I LOVE the runes. I know my boys would love to make them. I will be featuring you next week on the History and Geography meme!


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