Simple Crochet Hat - My Boshi

We learned to crochet by making simple hats.

My Boshi is a growing German trend begun by a young snowboard and ski instructor. Boshi means beanie hat in Japanese. In the evenings these two men learned to crochet and everyone wanted to buy their hats. So they started a business. Now they sell yarn and books on how to make Boshi hats as well as custom designed, hand-crocheted Boshi hats through the MyBoshi website.

After creating my first Boshi for my daughter's dance class I realized it was a perfect way to learn to crochet. Most of the hats involve only four stitches (chain stitch, slip stitch, half-double crochet, and single crochet) and are constructed from worsted/chunky yarn so they come together in a short amount of time.

This style of MyBoschi is made by joining four chain stitches into the round, and then creating 11 half-double crochet stitches in the center hole. After that the center is increased in size over the next seven rounds. Each round ends with one slip-stitch and a single chain. Then half-double crochet stitches fill each round until there are 25 rows complete, before ending with a feste maschen or single-crochet stitch for those who speak English.

 This hat was created the same way, but was bound off after only 18 rows. Therefore, instead of a slouchy hat, it fit tight like a beanie.

After two 2 hour long classes the 10-12 year olds who attended walked away with awesome hats they crocheted themselves.

For more craft ideas for kids please visit my Arts and Crafts Page.

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