Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wooden Shoes

Did you know the Dutch could tell if a person was Catholic or Protestant by looking at their shoes?

Catholic wooden shoes had pointy toes, while Protestant toes were rounded.

We recently returned from a second trip to the Netherlands where we visited the Clara Maria Cheese Farm and Wooden Shoe Factory for the second time. The small operation contains a few machines which are used to produce wooden shoes and they also make their own gouda cheese. The super friendly English speaking employees happily give tours of the facility.

Traditional Dutch Ice Skates

When a wooden shoe maker was going to be married, he would make his bride a pair of hand carved wooden shoes. The project would take several months which gave him plenty of time to contemplate his future plans. His bride would wear her shoes on the wedding day and also on anniversaries.

The tours and gift shop are unique and educational, but the kids really like the farm. Clara Maria is a frequent venue for local children to have their birthday parties. Both times we visited, our children were offered a chance to meet the baby cows and play in the hayloft.

Yes! That is my husband climbing on the bales of hay.

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