Friday, March 7, 2014

Entertaining and Educational - Quotes and Strewing

How do you get your kids to play with those quality educational toys that just don't get enough attention?

Red Head Mom has a great solution and it's called strewing. By placing a few items a day in high traffic spots, kids naturally stop to explore. It's the perfect way to motivate them without them knowing it!

Greatly Blessed linked up a great handicraft for both girls and boys - Paracord Bracelets. Check it out!

I love it when kids say things that let you know they are learning. My 7 year old had a lightbulb moment the other day. We were looking at the sheep down the road who had just given birth. The owner told us there were 5 adult females, one adult male and 6 babies.
 "There's just one daddy?" Then she started thinking.

My kids earn money for cleaning up after meals, but they are responsible for paying their entrance to the swimming pool. As we were preparing to go to the other day my 12 year old exclaimed,

"Oh no! I'm spending more money than I'm making."

My son's response, 

"Not good! That's what the government does."

What have you and your kids been up to this week?  Grab a button and link-up.


  1. We had a lovely family educational day out for Country Kids this week so I've joined in. Thanks you

  2. Good job by your son catching the parallel in spending.

  3. Thank you for the linkup and for featuring my post. Your son sounds very clever!


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