Monday, September 30, 2013

Making Schnapps and Ponytails

One of the best things about living in a foreign country is learning about traditions. In Germany, at least in this area of Germany, making schnapps is an annual tradition.

When we first arrived, we helped make cherry schnapps and this year it was plum schnapps.

 Shaking the trees to get the fruit to fall onto tarps was the first step.

Next the good fruit was separated from the leaves, sticks and bad fruit.

Fruit most of us would consider very poor quality, such as split open plums most people wouldn't want to eat is good enough for schnapps. The only ones that are discarded are those with worms or mold.

These were all good.

Carrying a heavy load to be fermented.

Once the fruit is separated, it's placed into a big barrel to rot. Rotting takes about four months. The container is fitted with a lid that contains a water valve at the top which lets air escape, but does not let air in. Since the mirabelle plums ripened a few weeks before the purple plums they were well into the rotting process. The smell coming from the container was lovely. It's similar to the smell found under an apple tree in the falls after the apples have fallen to the ground. Lovely to me, but the kids didn't care for the smell.

In December the concoction will be processed. The distillery is only about 6 km from our house, so I'm hoping our landlord brings us along. My husband and I were given a few bottles from the cherry schnapps for Christmas. Unfortunately, the kids won't be able to enjoy the fruits of their labors for several years.

On another note, Jemma was thrilled this week when she discovered her hair was now long enough to hold ponytails again. She placed several all around her head. She is doing well. Her medicine dosage was slightly raised again and we will be visiting the hospital in one and a half weeks.

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  1. Love Jemma pony tails:) Learning another country's traditions is one of the things I loved most about living in the UK. I tried to do anything and everything that was considered part of the English experience. Glad to know your family does the same:) It is great for the kids to be a part of that as well.


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