Monday, September 2, 2013

First Week of School

Our school is back in session and it was the best first week we've ever had. Normally the first day of school goes very well and the second day is a disaster. The kids quickly realize that learning activities take away from their free time. This year was different.

Adding more breaks, giving the kids more say during writing time and working with each child's strengths has helped tremendously. My 12 year old thrives on routine and predictability. Each day has a flow which includes the same subjects at the same time of day. For math she uses Math-U-See which works well for. It is predictable in that she will be working on problems in a lesson or watching a lesson DVD.

My other two enjoy more variation in their day. Each morning we did different activities for math. One day we played cribbage, the next I gave them a math thinking challenge, we counted money, built with cuisenaire rods, did a Life of Fred lesson and began constructing our own Napier's Bones. (That's two kids worth of work.)

While Jemma learned about the continents at the hospital, the other two played battleship, did silent reading and each researched something they were interested in. My son learned the differences between bees and wasps. Bees die shortly after stinging, but wasps can pull out their stingers. Most stings are done by wasps and their body shapes are slightly different.

My daughter researched how to ride a unicycle. She received one for her birthday and has been practicing. She learned the best way to learn to ride is to vary your mistakes (if you fall off backward, try to lean more forwards), practice every day, and don't ride too slow.

We also found some time to relax, or exercise.... and explore.

We learned how a paddle boat works. The learning never stops!

Jemma's blood check was normal on Wednesday. She can continue to participate in regular activities and must return in two weeks for another check.

What did you do for your first week of school?

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  1. I'm glad to hear your first week went well. We would generally start tomorrow (day after Labor Day), but my husband had to wait until this coming week for his vacation, so instead we are packing and then traveling, which means we will start school 8 days late. Not good for my OCD self, BUT we will be hitting a huge number of American History sites in New England, so the trip won't be un-educational. When we get home it will be "nose to the grindstone" for a while to get the school year back on track.

  2. So happy your first week went well! W have been schooling since the first of August but we took two months off for our move. Glad Jemma's blood work is good, still keeping everyone in my prayers. Hope you are doing better too

  3. Hooray for Jemma's blood check. I am praying the next one will be as good. I am so happy that your week went well. I hope our first week goes well, too.

  4. Yay for a successful first week of school. I love all the life learning beside the book learning. The unicycle sounds really interesting.

  5. A good first week gets the whole year headed in a good way. Glad yours went well. Ours did, too, overall!


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