Monday, August 5, 2013

Sore Throat and Non-Stop Projects

Jemma went to the hospital today for a blood check after two weeks at home. This was the longest stretch of time we've spent without a visit to the doctor since diagnosis. Unfortunately, last night Jemma came down with a fever, sore throat, and runny nose. Her blood check revealed a minor infection, irritated ear, and a high white blood cell count, of 5,700. The elevated leukocyte level is likely due to Jemma's body working to fight off the infection.

Now she's on fever reduction medication, antibiotics and nasal spray. Over the next five days or so her chemotherapy is on hold while her body takes time to recover.

Before the sickness set in we had a busy week filled with non-stop projects.
This elevator was used to give the animals a fun ride.

The kids enjoyed the new neighborhood park.

My son spent some time walking on stilts.

My oldest practiced riding her unicycle.

The kids poked holes in plastic bottles to see where the water would come out.

Jemma began sewing another cape.

The hedgehogs made a music video with a beach theme.

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  1. I hope Jemma recovers from her infection soon!
    Your family seems to have had a fun filled week - and with unicycles and stilts no less!


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