Sunday, June 16, 2013

German Rail Bike Tour

Draisinen translates from German to handcars. Handcars and rail bike cars can be rented in the city of Altenglan which is only a short drive from the Ramstein Airforce Base.

We recently journeyed out with two other families for a wonderful day of fun and fitness. Four person and seven person cars could be rented. The four person version had bike power for two and seating for two where as the seven person had bikes for three and seating for four. At the cost of 36 euros for a small car for the day, the price is a little less during the week than on the weekends.

There were many small towns along the tracks and options to end at either 20 km or 40 km. Busy streets were marked with rail crossing arms which could be manually lifted. We took turns pedaling and found the kids in our group under nine years old (about 4 ft 6 inches) had a difficult time reaching the pedals, but the older kids wanted to pedal the entire time.

Although the cars are heavy, the two husbands who came were able to lift them off the tracks together so we could take a few breaks and enjoy a picnic.

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  1. What a great way to keep fit and have fun as a family, I know that my family would all enjoy such an adventure. Thanks for sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  2. That does look like a very fun family activity.


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