Friday, May 24, 2013

Hobbies and Handicrafts - May 24

This is creative math!
Lucindia at Navigating by Joy has changed what she does for school math with her kids. Each weeks they read stories, make up their own problems and do creative math projects. This week they made Tessellations. Visit Navigating by Joy to see how it's done.

Have you ever made a lapbook? We've made a few and they are really fun. It's a bit like scrapbooking, but the books are on one subject and typically made from a file folder. The kids at Learning and Growing the Piwi Way have been very interested in butterflies, so they made a butterfly lapbook. Her website has lots of pictures, so be sure to visit.

What have your kids been up to this week?


  1. Thanks so much for featuring DD's Butterfly lapbook!

  2. Thanks for hosting the link party.
    Dana @ Project Day

  3. Thanks for hosting, I have added my Country Kids post this week as we have been cycling which is one of our hobbies.

  4. Thanks for featuring our tessellations, Julie. Haven't managed to link up this week but that won't stop me exploring everyone's ideas. Lucinda

  5. I love tessellations, probably because I love Escher's work. My daughter recently made some at school, and it is such a great way to explore math.


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