Monday, March 18, 2013

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Maintenance Week 1

Jemma's not quite done with all of these pills, but she is another step closer. Today was the beginning of the Maintenance phase of therapy.

She will take 35 mg of the chemotherapy drug Puri-Netol every day, a 10 mg Methotrexate pill every Wednesday, and Kepinol antibiotics every Saturday and Sunday for the next 84 weeks.

The best news is that she was given the OK to begin dancing again today during her visit to receive dose number seven of L'aspariginase.

This is perfect timing because the class is currently on a break. She has new dance shoes and will join up again in April when the class resumes training.


  1. How exciting, Jemma can dance again!!! I am so happy for her

  2. Way to go Jemma :) Look forward to seeing you dance on YouTube :)

  3. Well done Jemma! And how lovely to be able to dance again!!


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