Monday, November 12, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 148

Jemma has a fever and we are back in the hospital.

Yesterday was a nice day, and since Jemma has been doing so well I thought it would be a great day for a walk with friends. We enjoyed the fall leaves and catching up with our friends....... but Jemma had a low fever soon after we returned home. It was so low, and her blood was so good, that it was not necessary to go to the hospital. At bedtime, her temperature didn't decrease as normal, but instead rose slightly. Her breathing was good, and she didn't have any nausea, headache, or coughing to go with her fever, so again it wasn't necessary to go to the hospital. She was given ibuprofen and put to bed. Her temperature returned to normal, but when the medicine wore off the fever was back.

This is how she spent most of the day. She is receiving antibiotics in case she has a bacteria infection. For children on chemo, it is better to begin antibiotics right away and then stop them if the infection is due to a virus. We will probably remain in the hospital two to three days.

 Her fever was gone most of the day without medicine. Hopefully it will stay away while she sleeps.

St. Martin's Day is a Catholic Holiday widely celebrated in Germany. On Thursday during the St. Martin's Day celebration in our village Jemma was receiving chemo in the hospital. Tonight it was celebrated in the hospital. The six patients walked around the loop of the onkologie ward with lanterns, then had some dinner. Even Jemma ate a good meal which was fantastic because she didn't eat much yesterday or the day before.

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  1. So sorry Jemma has a fever and back in the hospital:( Praying she recovers quickly. Love the ballon lantern:)


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