Monday, October 15, 2012

Turkish Food

Borek are rolled-up dough snacks filled with cheese or meat.

Grilled and spiced meat mixed with rice and vegetables and wrapped in flat bread is a common meal.

Inside the restaurant, the meat is actually grilled on a woodburning stove.

In the morning we saw this guy hauling logs into his restaurant.

Doner Kebabs are sandwiches made from roasted meat cooked on a vertical spit. The meat is usually shaved off the spit with an electric shaving device. The sandwiches are filled with the shaved meat and vegetables. They are Turkish in orgin, but popular all over Europe.

Ayran is a drink made from yogurt mixed with water and salt. We ordered one glass and shared it. It was good, but I see liking this drink as somewhat of an aquired taste. We also tried the lentil soup. It was delicious.

We greatly enjoyed our afternoon cay (tea). All day when we were walking around we saw people drinking tea. Men were carrying trays of it down the street, obviously on delivery missions. But we never saw where it came from. Then a restaurant owner asked us if we would like something to eat. After pointing to the tea he immediately ushered us down the street, through a hallway and upstairs into this small room with about four short tables and stools. Then he disappeared and a few minutes came back with a tray of tea. It was a fun, fantastic cultural experience.

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  1. That all looks so fun and yummy! I'm currently reading a novel based in Turkey, so interesting timing on this one.:-)


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