Monday, October 29, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 134

The favorite mode of transportation in the cancer ward for little kids is riding on iv cart. It is a common sight to see parents pulling or pushing their children down the hall. When the parents are busy the kids take care of their own carts. They are so used to being hooked up that it seems the machines have become part of them.

Jemma was released one day early from her planned hospital stay last week. I was shocked when the doctor said we could go home. Her body is extremely efficient at eliminating methotrexate from her system. When she received her first dose of the drug, the doctor said he had never seen it eliminated from anyone as fast. The same thing happened last week. Since the drug was gone after three days, there was no need for her to stay a fourth.

One side effect of the chemotherapy I haven't mentioned yet is the lack of reflexes. Many of the drugs impact the nervous system while they are being taken. Jemma's legs do not give a little kick when the doctor hits her knees with a hammer. The same is true for her arms. These reflexes help us to maintain our balance and posture. Some children in the cancer ward have difficulty walking. Luckily I haven't noticed any issues with Jemma. She walks, runs, jumps on the trampoline and dances like normal. The doctor said she doesn't need her reflexes right now.

Now that we are home, Jemma has been catching back up on her sleep and playing like normal. She's making plans to travel to Michigan and go on another cruise when she is through with her treatment.


  1. Happy to hear that Jemma continues to respond well to treatment. Everyone in Michigan will be looking forward to celebrating her recovery when she is able to travel! Love you guys!

  2. great news that Jemma is able to recover this portion of her treatment so easily. Less time in the hospital is always a good thing:) i love seeing her wear her pretty dress and shoes:)


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