Monday, October 8, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 113

Jemma received a treasured gift yesterday. Isabel stopped by with a present from the Fasching club. Thank you all very much.
When she initially lost her hair she was very concerned about how she would dance in the shows. The girls must look exactly alike in their costumes. Part of the costume includes a wig which is held in place with bobby pins that attach to real hair.

Although I think she has now accepts the fact that she will probably not dance at shows in 2013 she is extremely excited about her wig. She hasn't taken it off since she received it. She has been dancing non-stop and is planning to wear the wig to the hospital this week to fool the doctors and nurses. She doesn't think they will be able to recognize her.

As far as medical news goes there are actually no updates. Jemma is doing good. We haven't been to the hospital since Thursday and hopefully won't go back until Wednesday. The kids played tug-of-war and monkey in the middle with my husband, and we've just been playing and doing projects at home.


  1. Just found your blog recently and am enjoying your posts. So happy for Jemma!

  2. Jemma looks gorgeous in her new hair:) So glad you have had a break from the hospital. Great to see your family playing together

  3. Just popping over from happy family times. Leukemia is such a horrid thing, your lives must be such a roller-coaster. Loving the simple pleasures of family tug of war


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