Monday, October 1, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 106

Therapy is still on hold. We were hoping to resume treatment today after Jemma's blood check, but her blood hasn't recovered enough yet. Her leukocytes and neutraphils have started reproducing, but her hemoglobin was lower than the last check. Perhaps it will be better when we go back on Thursday.
This is what we were doing when my daughter was supposed to be at dance class. The time changed and we both completely forgot. We didn't remember until we showed up at the regular time in the evening. Oops.

Notice my son is missing from the photo. He went metal detecting again with my husband. When they returned he was very excited about the wrench he found. My husband said it was about 12 inches long and bent. I'm glad they had a boys afternoon out.

Jemma received this doll today in the mail from her aunt and I just had to post a picture of it. The doll came wearing a hospital mask, has only a few strands of hair, is wearing a hospital gown and has a chest catheter. Jemma was pretty excited when she saw the doll's catheter.

She frequently asks questions about her's. When is it coming out? Will they poke me after they take it out? When the doctor's had their Leukemia and had their catheters..........? She assumed they all had cancer when they were young and that's how they learned how to treat her.

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