Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ludwig II of Bavaria

King Ludwig II of Bavaria is sometimes referred to as Mad King Ludwig. He seems a bit crazy to me. We have now visited all of King Ludwig II of Bavaria's palaces and they are nothing short of extrordinary.

Linderhof - His smallest, but only completed palace.
Neuschwanstein - The Disney castle was modeled after this palace.
Herrenchiemsee - Model of Louis XIV's palace at Versailles, France.

We also visited;
Residenz - His families residence in Munich.
Hohenschwangau - His parents hunting cottage and his childhood home.
Schloss Nyphemburg - His family's summer residence and his birth place.

Ludwig's hobby was palace building. At the time of his death he had one complete palace, two in the works and drawings for several more including a Chinese Palace, and an Arab Palace. He also had a sight and more extensive plans for another palace. He didn't just build palaces, he was also an innovator. Included in his palaces are a cave, a night sky room, and a wave pool. As you may have guessed, he was bankrupting his family and they were not very happy about his hobby of palace building. This could have lead to his untimely and mysterious death.

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