Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cells - Human Body Science

Since Jemma is undergoing chemotherapy new words such as cells, platelets (thrombocytes), white blood cells, leukocytes, neutraphils, red blood cells and hemoglobin are popping into our vocabulary. Therefore, we are studying the human body and cells with an initial focus on the blood for science.

I found the Once Upon a Time.....Life - educational series from the late 1970's on youtube. The animations present human body science in an entertaining way, and in language kids (and adults) can understand. Each video is broken into three 8-10 minute parts for a total of 25 minutes per show. We have watched Once Upon a Time....Life - The Blood and Once Upon a Time.....Life - Tiny Platelets.

The kids love them. They are asking to watch them over and over. They giggle at the dialogue while learning about the human body.

Here is Once Upon a Time....Life - The Blood

Here are other videos in the series listed on Youtube. We haven't yet watched them all, but plan to in the near future.

The Brain
The Bones and the Skeleton
The Body Sentinels
The Vaccination
The Lymphatic System
The Cell Planet
The Hormones
The Bone Marrow
The Heart
The Kidneys
The Skin
Repairs and Changes
The Chain of Life
Toxin Wars
The Mouth and the Teeth
The Muscles and the Fat
The Neurons
The Eye
Tiny Platelets
The Liver Factory
And Life Goes On
The Ear


  1. Good Morning, I wanted to write what a blessing these videos will be to our family!! I realize that your presious daughters illness brought these to our attention and appriciate your passing them on. My son has severe learning disablities and learns best with visual and autitory.We are doing biology this year.Thank you for sharing your strenght and your journey.

  2. Wow! Great list! Thanks so much for sharing! I have pinned it for our Anatomy studies later this year or early next. Whoop! :D

  3. What great videos, I've got these saved away for anatomy, which will probably be next year.

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

  4. Hello! I am the uploader of the Once upon a time... Life cartoons on YouTube and I have stumbled upon your blog from the YouTube feedback.

    First of all, let me wish Jemma a complete and quick recovery from that terrible illness. I am glad she and the rest of your kids are enjoying the cartoon as I did when I was a child in the mid-80's.

    Secondly, I don't know if you have watched "The Bone Marrow" episode yet, but if not I would like to warn you about that one in particular. I'll say it directly, and sorry for the spoiler, they describe a Leukemia case in it, and as you can suppose it is a bit tough and dramatic, not a typical kid's cartoon story (it shocked me when I was a child and nobody in my family have had Leukemia, so considering your family situation...).

    So I'm writing this because I don't know if it's appropiate to your children to watch this episode until Jemma is fully recovered, or perhaps, it's OK because it teaches about the illness and the treatement (kind of). My advice is you should watch the episode before the childen do and make your own decision on what to do.

    Again, all the best to Jemma, your family and you.

    1. Isaac - Thank you for uploading these videos. My kids are really enjoying them. We did watch the bone marrow episode and I was a bit shocked by it. It followed pretty closely what we have been through. I'm glad it had a happy ending.

      Jemma currently has medium risk Leukemia and will not require a bone marrow transplant if she stays on this track. I was glad the show raised the issue. It sparked a bit of conversation in our family and made me think about how I will address the issue in the future if required.

      Jemma has asked to watch it again. Before she got sick she was interested in how the body works. The other day she asked me about when her doctors had Leukemia...... She assumed they knew how to treat Leukemia because they had it when they were kids. She may be headed into the medical field herself, but we will just have to wait and see. Either way, these videos are teaching all of my kids about human body science. Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you for linking up to Homeschool FreeBEE Friday. I'm sorry to hear of someone with cancer... my family too has seen it's fair share of the disease. I pray for healing.

    I would love to pin this to Pinterest but with no pinnable picture in the post... it is kind of hard to. If you create a graphic sharing what this post is about {ie. Free Human Body Science Videos or something similar} then I'd be glad to pin it to our Homeschool FreeBEE CoOp.

    Again, prayers for healing for Jemma! God bless!

  6. These videos look great! Thank you for sharing at Favorite Resources.

  7. Julie,
    Lauren is loving these videos.
    Thinking of you,
    Susan & Lauren

  8. I had never heard of these and I know we will love them. Thank you so much for sharing!


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