Sunday, August 12, 2012

No Sew Skirt

Now that Grandma is here crafting season has begun. The first project began bright and early on the morning after her arrival. The only sewing required to make this skirt is sewing the elastic together to form a circle. A safety pin could be used as an alternative if sewing is really a problem. The fabric is simply knotted onto the elastic. It's sew simple my five year old was able to complete most of it independantly.

Cut a piece of elastic the desired size for the waist.
Cut fabric into strips 2 inches wide by 24 inches long.

Fold the strips in half and knot them onto the elastic band.

Continue tying fabric until the elastic band is full.

There are tons more craft activities for kids on our Craft Page. Please take a look.


  1. Julie,

    I'm totally stealing this - what a cool idea! Would I look totally crazy wearing one of these with leggings?? I have some really cool material I can use :)

    1. Leggings are the right way to go. It can be a little see through without them. Some material can fray and shrink or wrinkle in the washing maching so watch out for that too.

  2. I really need to try this! I've seen people to it with tulle for tu-tus too, and it seems so simple! Love that a child can help too!

  3. what a fun way to allow her to help create her own clothing! and the fabrics look so nice together. thanks for linking this up to tip-toe thru tuesday.

  4. Adorable! My fav color too! So glad you shared this cute little skirt with everyone at tip toe

  5. What a cute skirt! I bet my girls would have fun with this one.
    Thanks so much for linking up at Real Family Fun.


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