Thursday, August 30, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 74

Jemma's blood is still weak, but finally moving in the right direction. On Wednesday her neutrophil count rose to 300. A count less than 500 means she is extremely sensitive to illness.

Mon, August 20 - 100
Wed, August 22 -    0
Fri,    August 24 -    0
Mon, August 27 - 100
Wed, August 29 - 300

Unfortunately, we still don't know the reason her blood has been taking so long to regenerate. She has been tested for five viruses. Three of the tests have come back negative and we haven't gotten results for the other two. Although testing found she was not extra sensitive to the Purinetol chemo pills it is possible she is extra sensitive to the CPM chemo she received through her catheter on our overnight stay in the hospital on July 25th. Because her blood is still weak chemotherapy remains on hold as it has been since Monday August 13.

The past few weeks have been difficult to say the least. Tuesday morning Jemma woke with leg pain. This was extra scary for me as it brought back visions of her Leukemia before it was diagnosed. One night she very innocently said "mom, my leg hurts." I told her to drink some water and go back to bed. This time when she told me her leg hurt I worried about it for a few days and continue to think about it in the back of my mind. The doctors said it would be impossible for her to have Leukemic blasts in her blood which cause leg pain on Tuesday after a clean bone marrow withdraw less than 24 hours earlier. The leg pain went away, but it is another unexplained item that makes me worry.

In an effort to avoid worry, at home we have been focused on school and sewing crafts. These distractions help both me and my mother while keeping the kids entertained and learning. Actually, Jemma focuses on these things in the hospital too. She often brings craft projects and schoolwork to do while waiting for blood test results.

Although her blood is bad, she feels good. Here she is skipping way ahead of me down the sidewalk, on our way home from the hospital. Our next visit is scheduled for Friday (tomorrow). Hopefully her blood continues to regenerate so she can continue with therapy.

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