Monday, August 20, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 64

Have you ever seen a three wheeled car?  Little cars like this are popular for city driving. They can fit into small parking spots and are relatively cheap to own and operate. We see this one quite often on our trips to the hospital. Jemma loves to look into the windows because the car is so small she can stand on the ground and see in. Grandma was lucky enough to see this car today too as she made her first visit to the hospital.

A blood check was scheduled so we thought we were in for a quick visit, but Jemma needed another platelet transfusion so we spent most of the day at the hospital. Her blood is still very weak and hasn't done much regeneration on its own. Low hemoglobin, leukocyte and platelet levels are not uncommon at this stage of treatment. Therefore, chemotherapy is still on hold while we wait for her blood values to improve. Wednesday is the next scheduled blood check.

In the mean time Jemma feels pretty good. Whipping the hula-hoop around has been keeping her busy outdoors. She figured out how to hula-hoop in less than 10 minutes and now can't stop. Challenging her dad and brother to contests of who can hula-hoop the longest makes her laugh every time. She loves to win!

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