Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Leukemia - Caring for a Sick Child - Insurance

Caring for a child with Leukemia is a bit like taking on another job. All the hospital visits certainly match the time commitment of employment. The unexpected visits are like being called into work to solve a problem, and unplanned overnight stays are something like business travel. Before Jemma was born both my husband and I had professional jobs. We made the conscious choice for me to stop working. Unfortunately with my new job (caring for a child with Leukemia) the monetary pay is not so good. Instead of earning money, we now do the opposite. Fortunately we have insurance and we think we can afford to pay for the costs not covered by insurance. My husband has been handling this, as it is an additional job in itself. He passes on bits and pieces of information to me. If I understand correctly insurance covers most of the costs of our initial hospitalization and 80% of the approved costs there after. We were both a little surprised to discover that me staying in the hospital with Jemma is not an approved cost. 80% of the cost of the very expensive medications she is taking is included in the coverage. Lucky for us there is a maximum amount of the 20% we will have to pay for the year. What does all this mean? How expensive will Leukemia treatment be for us? We are still trying to figure this out.

There are always surprises and unplanned events during our lives. Leukemia is not an event anyone would hope for, but we do not always get to choose what we get. We are fortunate in many ways. We have family and friends willing to help us, we have excellent medical care an easy 40 minute drive away and we have insurance to cover the majority of the cost of our daughter`s treatment.

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