Thursday, August 16, 2012

Horse Meatballs and Aperitif

When we visited Verona, Italy we were fortunate enough to have a connection with a local resident who took us around for the evening. Traditionally Italians eat dinner very late at night (11:00 or so). After walking around a bit she took us to a cafe for an aperitif. To me it sounded somewhat like an appetizer. Basically it's a pre-dinner snack or drink usually enjoyed with friends and not always at the same location where dinner will be served.

In each of these trays there was a different snack; wings, pork rib, meatball (cow), meatball (horse). We tried the horse.

Actually, we really liked them and went back for seconds. She said that horse is a popular regional food. Since our visit I found out that there is actually a specialized horse butcher not far away from us here in Germany and horse meatballs are served at a park about 4 miles from our home. I'm not sure if I'll make a visit.

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