Sunday, August 19, 2012

German Police - Speeding Tickets

Receiving a speeding ticket in Germany is usually done through the mail. German police set-up cameras and then sit around the corner to watch for speeders. Drivers in violation may notice the camera when it flashes, or be unpleasently surprised a few months later when the ticket arrives in the mailbox.

If you are over you're over. Even 1 km per hour above the limit can result in a ticket, and there is no room for negotiation since violatiors don't even know until a month or two later. Luckily a few kilometers over results in a ticket which usually costs less than 20 euros and can be paid at any bank.

Every time I pass a cop I still look in my rearview mirror. Actually cops do pull people over and they don't need a probable cause. I believe a lot of this happens at night outside of drinking establishments. Drinking and driving laws are very strict and military personnel who are caught usually get a demotion, while contractors are typically sent home. A few times while driving during the day I've been directed through a check point. In the dragnet, police ensure licences and regestrations are in order as well as the safety kit each car is required to contain.

Snow tires are required in the winter. If drivers in an accident have bad tires they become responsible for paying accident expenses for both parties. All in all the rules are similar. Most people try to follow them, but people receive fines and tickets every day. It's mainly the enforcement that's different.


  1. Do you think this method is more or less effective than the getting pulled over method that is used here in the states? Just curious. As much of a bummer it would be getting a speeding ticket in the mail, I do think I would rather that than getting pulled over.

    1. I updated the text within the post. Thanks for the great question.


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