Monday, July 23, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 36

Well we are home now, but have been back to the hospital twice already since Friday. Hopefully we can make it a full day without returning tomorrow. Here's what happened. We were at home for about 24 hours when Jemma was climbing up to sit at the kitchen table and had a typical kid accident. She fell off the bench and bumped her elbow and her head. Both immediately swelled up. Remember she is not allowed to ride her bike as a precaution against accidents. Her blood may or may not be clotting properly due to the chemotherapy. It's possible she could have had excessive bleeding or blood clots. I was very concerned after this minor and normal fall. At home everything is different now than before. I phoned the hospital. They said we should come in right away. After examining Jemma and checking her blood we were allowed to return home. That was Saturday afternoon.

Sunday night after Jemma went to be she woke up at 22:30 and began throwing up. She threw up every 10 minutes for two hours, so we stayed the night in the hospital. In the morning she was fine and we were allowed to return home again. In the mean time, the other two kids were on their flight back to Germany. My husband went from the hospital to the airport and rested a few hours in the car.

Now it's Monday. We are all home and everyone is very tired.


My favorite question Jemma asked recently was: Is the wheat ripe at the Baltic Sea?

Getting bandages changed is usually not a favorite activity for Jemma. Therefore, I found it interesting that one of the first questions she asked in the morning after spending the night at home was "Do you think we should change my bandage now?" I told her we would wait until the next day when she took a shower. She was actually looking forward to this task. Over the past month she has been watching the doctors and nurses very closely when they do this and other medical tasks. Now she is ready to do it for herself. She is an extremely independent child. I thought for some time before she got Leukemia that she would have a career either as the boss of her own company, or as something to do with the medical profession. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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  1. Oh dear 2 trips to the Hospital already:( Glad the medical staff take things seriously and get you in and seen quickly...I wouldn't have as much faith in the NHS system in the UK:(. Glad all you kids are back and in your home. Get some rest


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