Sunday, July 15, 2012

Artwork Printing Craft

The kids in the hospital did a neat craft this week with the art teacher. They made their own giant stamps to create prints of their drawings.

First they drew a picture on a piece of paper.
Then they taped the picture onto a foam block.

 Next they transfered their drawing into the foam by punching holes with a pencil on top of their lines.

They inked or painted their foam,

and pressed it onto paper to make a print. Jemma drew a dancer.


  1. What a fabulous print and great art project. Well be looking into doing something like this with my kids

  2. Love these stamps and prints! So great that the hospital has art sessions for the kids. And I am happy you like the parcel! Sorry I'm only just replying, just started back to work part time and not having much online time. Thinking of you all x

  3. I loved making prints like these as a kid, along with potatoe stamps! Thanks for bringing back memories! I found you on Tip Toe Thru Tuesday linky party!

  4. Fun stamps and prints! I love kids' art work! It's so fun to find ways to use it. Here's an idea I had for it:

  5. I really like this idea. It is easy and can be used by different age groups. Thanks!

  6. Wow - what a neat idea! They came out great! Thanks for linking up to TGIF!



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