Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stiegl Brauerei

 Beer is one of the oldest known beverages and is part of many European traditions. It is available nearly everywhere; sporting events, festivals and even school events (served to adults attending). There are no open container laws and I have even seen young people with glasses of beer in the grocery store during big festivals. We traveled to Austria with our beer-drinking grandpa, and couldn't pass up the brewery tour. I was pleasently surprised by how educational it was.

Salzburg, Austria is the home of Mozart, The Sound of Music and Stiegl Beer.

 The tour began with displays of grains used to produce different types of beer, and the process of production.

For many centuries beer was stored and transported in wooden barrels. A cooper is the name given to the craftsman who makes barrels. There was an extensive exhibit concerning barrel construction and history.

We saw several different historic machines. I believe this one was used for cleaning barley.

Before computers records were kept by hand. We were able to see a replica of an old office.

We also learned about the orgin of Radler. Radler is beer mixed with lemon soda. Many Germans love it. Personally I find it really bad. Anyway, the word rad translates to wheel and a Radler is a bicycle cyclist. Here's the story. A hotel/tavern owner was supplying refreshments at the end of bicycle race when he found he didn't have enough beer to go around. Not wanting to loose business he mixed the beer with lemon soda and told the cyclists it was a special drink just for them. It was less potent than beer and therefore the riders would find their ride home easier and straighter. Well they liked it and Radler is now bottled and sold in stores.

After the tour grandpa got his beer.

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