Friday, June 1, 2012

Salzburg Residenz

When the Salzburg Castle Festung Hohensalzburg became obsolete, a palace was built in the center of town. The Salzburger Residenz. It is the long tan building in front of the Dom cathedral. Although a palace has stood on this location since the 1100's, it was renovated significantly in the 1600's into what stands today.

 The palace was renovated by Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich.

Besides beauty and extravagance, I am beginning to notice a pattern between palaces and castles.

It seems many princes had castles which became obsolete, and so they then built structures which they called Residenzes (a palace in the center of town). Many princes also built summer hunting palaces just outside the city limits.

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  1. This palace looks beautiful. I love exploring these types of places:) thanks for sharing on the Field trip hop


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