Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 9

Yesterday at 3:00 in the afternoon Jemma was disconnected from the IV machine. She hasn't had to be hooked back up yet, so we were able to spend more time outside today. This time instead of riding in an ambulance to an appointment we were able to walk. She had her ears, nose and throat checked and the doctors said everything was normal. When we were leaving the test she said to me "Mom, I couldn't hear the beep every time but I knew it was coming so I just put the peg in anyway."

Many of you have asked how the food is in the hospital. In my opinion it is alright. Above is a before and after picture of our breakfast. The hospital gives us the food on the left, then we add lots of vegetables and remove some undesired food and end up with the meal on the right. I forgot to include the orange in the second photo. In case you're wondering, the gold thing in the wrapper on the plate in the left is meat spread.

I have a juicer which I brought here to the hospital. The green juice was made from the above photo. Today's version had celery, spinach, tomato and yellow pepper. Jemma sometimes gives some resistance to drinking juice, but usually ends up drinking it. I try to give her the vegetables for the meal first while I gather the bread and eggs. This usually helps her to eat most of the veges.

For lunch they serve more typical German fair. Although it is still a bit light on vegetables for me, both Jemma and I find it very good. Each afternoon a sort of buffet cart is brought to the ward. It typically contains, two types of potatoes, soup, meat such as turkey or bratwurst, cooked vegetable and pasta. The dinners usually consist of three slices of bread, deli meat and cheese, and a pickle or tomato. Again we try to eat the parts of the meal from the hospital that we find the healthiest and suppliment with fresh foods brought by my husband and friends.

I am so lucky my husband has been an awesome support through this whole crisis. Each night I email him a list of things I would like to have at the hospital. It looks something like this:

2 pairs of pants for me
2 shirts for Jemma
1 fresh towel
1 cucumber
1 package yellow and red tomatoes
cranberry juice
prune juice

He has gone to the grocery store almost every day before visiting to bring us these items which have allowed us to suppliment the hospital menu. Today he had an extra challenge. I asked for specific knitting needles, and he was able to find the ones I wanted.

He has not only done that, but he has been dealing with the insurance company. So far he has spent several hours (8+) on the phone with hospital billing personnel and insurance employees. Tonight he was optimistic that the short term details have been mostly worked out.


  1. Love the photo of Jemma sliding! So relieved that the prayers and love seem to be keeping her strong and able to deal with the treatments. Love you all!

  2. I am so blown away right now, and so sorry that I did not realize before now your little angel was sick! God bless you all and I pray she is feeling better and better every day! I would love it if you would feel comfortable to share a bit of your story and how you keep/kept your daughter's spirits up while going through your trials on my new blog, neverloseyoursparkle! Think it over and let me know...
    Kim (Andie's Cohost with Tip toe thru tuesday)

  3. Your husbands sounds like a saint going the extra mile for the both of you. Interesting post as I never would have thought about the type of food served in the hospital. Doesn't Germany have a national health service? Do you have to pay privately? Very smart of Jemma to put the peg in during her hearing test:) she already knows how to play the hospital game:)

  4. Germany does have socialized medicine. One of my German friends says the taxes to pay for this and other social services are so high she only gets to keep about 35% of her salary. We however don't pay German taxes. Because we don't pay German taxes we aren't allowed to use any of the German government services including the schools. My husband is insured through his employer and we pay for medical care as other insured Americans do.

  5. Yeah for good husbands!!! And yeah for NO IVs :)


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