Saturday, June 23, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 6

Today was a very good day. There were no appointments, no procedures, just the more routine checks, the IV and the medications. This afternoon I asked if we could go outside for a while. The doctors checked Jemma's blood work and said we could. It was nice for her to be able to walk without bringing the IV cart with.

I was extremely happy when she tried to remember her dance routine today. She actually got up and danced her routine to the music about four times in a row. Between the dancing and the walk this was by far the most exercise she has had in the last two weeks. Her bacteria infection coupled with all of the medications she is taking mostly make her want to stay in bed.

While her siblings were here she showed off the bumble bee and lady bug she made from the kit from her pre-school teachers.

I have kept busy by knitting. Today I finished a case for my Kindle that I have been working on for a few months. I just chose a texture from the book All About Knitting and knitted a long skinny rectangle. Once the rectangle was finished I sewed up the sides. In addition to knitting, I have kept busy by exercising, blogging, reading my email and taking care of Jemma of course.

On Monday Jemma began taking steroids. They are known to cause an increase in appitite, and I believe they are having this effect on her. After three large meals she asked for a fried egg before going to bed. She definitely ate well today.

Yesterday one of Jemma's lovely visitors brought a Hibiscus plant. Although it was beautiful no plants or flowers are allowed in her ward. Sometimes the flowers contain fungus which can be very bad for children with poor immune systems. So if you plan to visit, please do not bring plants or flowers.

Yesterday I began a conversation with Jemma about upcoming hair loss. I asked her if she saw anyone else that had a room here. She said there were twins in the room next door, and she new they were twins because they had the same heads, and were both bald. I told her they were actually friends, and I thought they were bald because of the medicines they were taking. She made the connection to herself. We talked about a little girl who was also bald. Jemma didn't realize she was bald because she was wearing a pink head scarf. The subject was definitely on her mind because a few minutes later she told me she didn't want to loose her hair because she wouldn't be able to do the gardetance. For those of you who aren't familiar with this please see fasching. The girls use many bobby pins to attach wigs to their hair and then top it off with a hat. She thought that if she didn't have any hair she wouldn't be able to attach the wig. I told her there were lots of ways to attach a wig. She said, oh, you mean the kind with a chin strap. I said yes and that was the end of it. Loosing her hair will definitely be a big deal, but she has faced everything thus far with incredible strength, and I'm sure she will conquer baldness as well. The doctors estimate she will loose her hair in two to three weeks and will be bald for approximately 6 months.

In case you're wondering, I'm not doing science experiments or any other homeschool or travel activities. I had many blog posts written and scheduled to post when Jemma got sick. The plan was to have them cover our long vacation while we were in Michigan. So now I'm writing about Jemma, and the posts I had scheduled to appear are also showing up on the blog.

I have mentioned that you can follow updates on Jemma through facebook at Highhill Homeschool, but I forgot to mention that there are two other ways besides loading up the web page to follow. You can receive updates via email by entering your email address into follow by email. You can click on join this site and updates will show up in google reader and the blog will show up on your google reading list. Both of these options are near the end of material on the right-hand side of the blog.

Thank you all for supporting, helping and encouraging me and my family. I truely appreciate it.


  1. I am so glad to hear she is doing okay. You all have been in my thoughts everyday. HUGS

  2. We are praying for you have one strong girl there :) take care and thanks for your updates on her progress...

  3. My goodness, what challenges you face! You're doing so with such grace. I'm glad your girl is holding up so well.


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