Friday, June 22, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 5

Today actually turned out to be another good day, but it was a long morning. The day began with another bone marrow withdraw. Jemma woke up, we read a few stories and then she went into the procedure. This time it took her much longer to wake-up from the anestetic. The rest of the family was here while she was sleeping, and that worked out well because I was able to spend time playing games with the older two kids in the playroom.

Finally Jemma woke up and we had a nice lunch outside on the patio as a family. The weather was beautiful and the kids all had a chance to play together while my husband  and I cleaned up. After the family left Jemma was in a great mood and actually had a bit of energy. She colored and even posed for a photo.

Today in addition to the family we had two other sets of visitors. A homeschooling family we are good friends with came by and brought dinner. Thank you Melissa. Then two of Jemma's teachers from the German pre-school came by. Again she brightened up with the visitors.

The results of her kidney function test came back and there are no issues. We are both happy that the weekend is here. There are just the normal urine, blood, blood pressure, temperature and weight checks, some pills and medications, but no additional checks and tests on Saturday or Sunday.

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