Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 3

Jemma had surgery this morning to get a tube inserted into her chest which will replace the need for IV's in her arm. The tube runs from her chest, upto her neck and back down to her heart. Medications can be given and blood can be withdrawn from the tube. Everything went well during the surgery. After the surgery she woke up and was back to her old self. She immediately told me not to touch or look at her and that she wanted to go back to her room. She is a strong child and I'm thankful for that.

The bandage on her neck is where a small incision was made in order to insert the tube. The tube comes out under her shirt. She got to pick out a small bag to wear under her shirt. The bag holds part of the IV tubes and helps to protect them.

After arriving back at the room she had a few bites to eat, her new tube was tested and then she went to sleep. I spent much of the day on the computer. I even participated in some blog hops this morning during her surgery. I figured I just had to keep going with something as opposed to sitting there and worrying. 

I was very happy when she woke up late in the day and wanted to paint and work on her Hello Kitty puzzle. Tomorrow she has an appointment just after lunch to check her kidney function. Then I think things will slow down quite a bit. As far as I know we don't have appointments on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Many of you in Germany have told me you plan to visit. If you are planning on coming and have some idea of when, please shoot me a quick email.

Nobody who has a cold, fever or other symptoms of illness is allowed in the cancer ward. Kids are only allowed in her area of the hospital after a short medical exam. The children in the cancer ward have very bad immune systems. Therefore the handles on the doors in this area of the hospital are located very high. My son quickly realized he couldn't open the doors and designed a device to help him on his next visit. Don't tell the hospital he has bypassed the system.

I added this late, so I will put it on the next post also. If you would like to follow updates on Jemma through facebook, click on the like button for Highhill Homeschool.

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  1. Love how resourceful you son is being, good for him:) Glad the surgery went smoothly. She doesn't look as intense this day.


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