Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Leukemia - How is Jemma? - Day 2

Jemma felt pretty good today. In fact she felt so good that she decided she was going to be mad about her situtation all day long. She had quite a difficult day because we had four seperate doctors appointments which lasted from 10:00-4:00 with only a 45 minute break.

We met with the doctors who will be performing her surgery tomorrow to insert the catheter into her chest. The catheter can remain inside her for several years if needed and will eliminate the need to use needles in her arms to administer medications and draw blood. In the afternoon she had an EEG (brain test) and eye check. The medications she will be given in the near future cause many side effects and the doctors want to perform thorough checks to ensure she makes a full recovery.

Her surgery will take place in another building on the campus. Therefore, she was transported by ambulance to the other building for the appointments and as we waited she was able to sleep.

Here is the look she had on her face all day long. Her behavior and attitude completely matched the look. She liked the socks, but couldn't get over her situtation. I think she is starting to realize how difficult her treatment will be.

She had a chance to catch up on the Ming Dynasty of China history co-op lesson she missed. She liked painting the vase, but had the look the entire time. At least the painting got rid of most of the attitude. I hope tomorrow she chooses happiness, but really I don't blame her. Her life changed in the blink of an eye. Two weeks ago she spent her time playing with kids at the German preschool, going to dance class and running around outside. Now she gets blood drawn, is tied to a machine, and has to tell everyone where she hurts.


  1. Oh sweet girl. It's hard not to be grumpy when you have felt so cruddy. Such a pardigm shift she is having especially being such an active little person. There comes that point when you just want to go HOME and realizing you can't is so wrenching. Colin really struggled at times keeping his spirits up in patient.

    It is good to see her doing puzzles and getting to work on the coop projects. I am guessing that will all come easier to her too as she gets less pain meds and is clearer headed.

  2. Her face is so intense. I am putting together a box for all your children and hope to get it in the mail next week:)


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