Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Leukemia - Helpful Friends

We have been so lucky because we have great friends and family. I'm still overwhelmed with all of the support that has been offered. So many have offered cook meals, visit, pray, and babysit among other things.

Jemma received a package of socks today and absolutely loves them. They are Hello Kitty and go up to her thighs. She has tried out two pairs. She could care less if they fit, and is just totally excited.

- Jemma's dance teachers and German friends have been out to visit. Many of them offered to watch the kids, and drive them to dance class. Although most of the consent forms we have had to sign have been translated to English for us, we had one long one written in German. The doctors were kind enough to explain it to us and our German dance friends helped with a second translation so we could remember what the doctors said.

- My lovely friend Kim has written about Jemma on her blog. She is moving to England soon and we will dearly miss her. She is organizing people to send Jemma fancy things for her head when she looses her hair due to chemo in a few weeks.

- My sister is a nurse in Reno, Nevada. She currently works in a children's emergency room, but has a few years experience working with cancer kids. She has been holding my hand from a distance. Reading the lab data  written in German has been no problem for her. Her optimism and advise has been so good for my mental health.

- My parents, in-laws and other friends and family in Michigan are taking (spoiling I'm sure) my two older children for the next month while Jemma is hospitalized.

- The doctors and staff at the hospital have been taking excellent care of Jemma. They are up front with her and tell her when something will hurt. They are kind. Not only that, but this morning I asked if I could take a short 30 minute run while Jemma slept and they said it was no problem.

Many others are sending Jemma postcards, letters and artwork. She loves all of it. I am amazed by the thoughtfulness pouring out from friends, family and friends of friends from around the world.

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  1. What a great support network you have in place! What a blessing! Praying for you all!


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