Monday, June 18, 2012

Leukemia - The Diagnosis

I have been thinking about whether or not I should write about my daughter and her condition on this blog. After talking it over with my husband we have decided to try to live our lives as normally as possible. For me, that includes taking lots of pictures and writing about the things I do with my family. Although spending the next two years dealing with Leukemia is not the path I would have chosen, it is the one I must take.

My daughter's name is Jemma. She is 5 years old and very tough.

This has been one difficult week. Jemma was diagonosed with Lukemia on Friday morning. Thinking back, over the last two weeks she has been complaining about some very strange things. Each time I put her in her car seat she said I was hurting her. She also told me I was hurting her when I put her in time-out, held her above the sink to rinse her mouth while brushing her teeth and hugged her. She has had leg pain and arm pain. Now I know that all of these are bone pains associated with Leukemia.

On Monday she obviously had an illness. Normally when my children are sick I let them stay home for about three days while they recover, but this time something seemed different. Although she had a fever, she didn't have nausea, a runny nose, a headache or any of the usual symptoms. She did have pain. After a doctor's visit she ended up in the emergency room with an extremely bad bacteria infection. While the doctors gave her high doses of strong antibiotics to clear up the infection they performed a lot of tests to find the root cause of her infection......

Friday afternoon we were transfered to the Homburg, Germany Children's Cancer Center. I had no idea what to expect. The doctor said we were checking into the hospital for a minimum of 35 days. After that he said we would be in for 6 months of several hospital visits per week. Followed by another year or two of less frequent visits.


  1. I'm glad you have decided to continue to blog, hopefully through the community you have created here you will find support. It sounds like you will all have a very challenging road ahead, but are facing it with determination and strength. I'd love to send a little care package to Jemma if I may ~ I couldn't find your email address, but if you are happy for me to do this can you shoot me a quick email at Thinking of you x

  2. OMG, girl! We are shocked! We have a care package coming for Jemma and some things for Jace and Jaela too, I know how hard sibling hospitalizations can be on the other kids. we will definitely put socks in there too!

    Praying for your family for strength and wisdom for the docs.

    1. Liese - Thank you so much. I know Jemma will love it. She loves opening the letters you send from your Tea on Tuesday letter writing day.

  3. HI Jeff and Julie, It's Todd's wife Vicky. We met in the UP two years ago. I am am so sorry to hear about Jemma. You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    I wanted to tell you that I have worked at Univeristy of Michigans Mott Children's Hospital for 7 years. ( I have worked at the U for 14 years toatal) I do CAT scans and mainly take care of children with cancer. I know you have Renee and that is awesome. If you have ANY questions for me I will try to help you out too. Espically if you have questions about radiology testing of any kind. I know there are many concerns about medical radation these days. My email is Also, I'd like your address so I can send Jemma some socks!


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